Testing with WBox

An important part of scalability is testing.  How do you know if it will scale if you don't test?  But, sometimes you just want to do more of a quick performance test to see if anything is obviously wrong.  I found a nice little tool called WBox1 recently that is pretty versatile.

It's a quick way to test a variety of things as follows.  Summaries of all these items and command structure can be found on the tools web site.

Testing virtual domains - Interesting in that it allows you to fake a host file change
Stressing servers and apps - A little stress testing
Dumping data - Checking headers to pinpoint issues
Obtaining timing information per component - A breakdown of what's being downloaded per page
Basic usage - Similar to ping but for a web page
Web Page Size - Quick Answer to how big is that page?

So, as another handy tool in the System Administrators tools box, WBox might have a rightful place for you. 


Wbox - http://hping.org/wbox/?ver=4