ZeroMQ Info Roundup

I've been reading what I could find on ZeroMQ and it has grabbed my attention for various reasons.  Here is a batch of the ones I found interesting into one article for future reference since things were a bit spread out.

ZeroMQ Introductory Video (great starting point)

Paper on Messaging and Multi-Threading

A Rather Ambitious Project with very little information(but I like the ambition)

Streaming Video Example

DripDrop - DripDrop encapsulates both zmqmachine, and eventmachine. It provides some sane default messaging choices, using BERT (A binary, JSON, like serialization format) and JSON for serialization. While zmqmachine and eventmachine APIs, some convoluted ones, the goal here is to smooth over the bumps, and make them play together nicely.

mongrel2 application server - Mongrel2 is an application, language, and network architecture agnostic web server that focuses on webapplications using modern browser technologies.  ZeroMQ used heavily.

Async Worker Process article on a good blog that discusses ZeroMQ

Interesting Projects around ZeroMQ from the creators of ZeroMQ

Several Blog Entries from Around the Web regarding ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ and Scalability

ZeroMQ and Introduction

Basic ZeroMQ example in Ruby

ZeroMQ Tutorial

0MQ: A new approach to messaging