Scalability and Performance: A Few Resources

I recently put together an email for some colleagues with a few links to various resources that were related to some questions about scalability vs. performance that I received.  These links are good resources for any developer or systems administrator interested in scalability.  I thought this might also be useful to others facing growing web applications.

Distributed Caching with Memcached - This is a good foundation article on the use and implementation of memcached.

Good memcached FAQ - Very nice FAQ for memcached.  Touches on some items that are a little harder to find elsewhere.

memcached at Facebook - A little article about how memached is used at Facebook.  A little dated but useful.

LiveJournal Architecture Links - Studying LiveJournal's architecture is worth your time.  They made memcached.

A broader view on Scalability with some good information

Quite Good overall PHP-centric performance article in the context of Javascript.

XDebug and KCache Grind - Learn to profile your applications.  Profile often and early to avoid problems later.

APC Opcode Cache - No well dressed PHP application should be without a good opcode cache save resources.