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Short Biography

Kent’s personal massive transformative purpose is to Apply Technology for Humanity. He is an entrepreneur, sought after speaker, teacher, mentor and advisor. Kent has an intense focus on all things technical, data and exponential. He works with clients globall. Kent runs his own company providing Data Activation as a Service, is faculty at Singularity University, and is the Chief Science and Technology officer of the Fastrack Institute, a global 501(c)3 private foundation. Kent also teaches the live online ExO Master Course series.

Kent has been building web/internet applications since 1996. He has over 20 years of experience building web applications, stream based analytics systems, and building and managing the teams to operate them. One of this earliest public launch claimes to fame is a pre-web commercial online BBS service he launched in 1991 called The Final BBS in Louisville, KY.

Kent speaks on many topics but has two primary subject he speaks on regularly. They are the Data Driven Revolution and Applied Exponential Organizations.

Kent’s keynote talks have been requested by some of the most successful public, private, and academic institutions in the world. They have been delivered to a diverse audience from boards, F50 Global organizations, and students. Audiences and clients have included The Fastrack Institute, Ahold-Delhaize, YPO, Coca-Cola, Sodexo, AGUIABRANCA, Leonisa, Autodesk, Dell, Premex, APEX Leaders, Singularity University – All Programs, Zignal Labs, Revinate, CA Lottery, nScaled.

Main Talk Descriptions

Data Driven Revolution - Data is a powerful driver of transformation and innovation for any organization. It is a strategic asset and has a unique combination of attributes that make it powerful. This talk is about Data Activation. It will inspire you to transform your organization's relationship to data. The knowledge you gain will help you put data to work for your organization. You will gain insights into data’s attributes, key processes, and technologies needed. Then, you will have the next steps you need to transform your organization using the power of data. This talk is generally 45 minutes in length.

Exponential Organizations Applied – Exponential Organizations, the Book, was published in 2014. Since then, it has been used as a methodology to create multiple Frameworks. This talk is not about why Exponential Organizations. It is specifically about the how. It draws from Kent’s personal experiences building ExO Works and The Fastrack Institute from scratch as ExO’s themselves as well as many experiences in traditional and startup organizations around the globe. It’s about how to take the methodology in the book and translate it into function frameworks that bring agility and scalability to organizations of any size. This talk includes a primer on Exponential Organizations as well in case audience members have not had exposure. Observers of this talk will leave motived to transform their organization into an exponential organization with very specific steps and tools do begin that journey and succeed. This talk is generally 45 minutes in length.

Adjacent and Additional Topics to Main Talks

Big Data, Innovation, Cloud Computing, Blockchain and Distributed Systems, The Fastrack Institute, Introduction to ExO

Speaker Introduction Material

·      Serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur with successful exits.

·      Advisor, Mentor, Facilitator, and Coach to dozens of startups and F50 companies

·      Chief Science and Technology Officer of the Fastrack Institute

·      Advisor to ExO Works

·      A recognized and pioneering expert in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Technology Operations, and Related areas

·      Decades of experience building software and companies with a focus on stream based analytics

·      Faculty at Singularity University Data Science and Exponential Organizations

·      Author of the blog The 41st Square

Introduction Summary – Kent is a hands-on leader and technology visionary with extensive business experience and deep technology background. Welcome Kent… etc.


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