Kent is a serial entrepreneur, educator, speaker, author, consultant, and father of three. Kent's massive transformative purpose is to Apply Technology for Humanity.

Kent is Faculty at Singularity University in Data Science, Chief Science Officer at the Fastrack Institute, Co-Chair of the ExO Movement, and creator of the Data Activation Framework for guiding organizations to data-driven digital transformation via Data Activation.

Kent gets to teach some of the worlds best minds how to apply exponential technologies. He works with companies in numerous industries around the world to successfully activate their data, help them build their teams and capabilities, and evolve into exponential organizations. Kent heads the Global ExO Movement. Is a trusted advisor to the Fastrack Institute and ExO.Works.

You can find Kent on Social Media primarily on TwitterLinkedIN, and publishing his thoughts on his blog, The 41st Square.

Kent is a regular international keynote speaker on multiple topics with his primary topics being the Data Driven Revolution and Exponential Organizations. Check out the Speaker Kit for more information on having Kent as a Speaker.


CxO at ProductionScale

Kent is an entrepreneur who has founded and built several companies in the last two decades. Currently, he works at his small firm ProductionScale, Inc. doing research, advisory and consulting. He is based in Silicon Valley, California. 

A blend of deep technical and broad business capabilities, Kent has an intense focus on computing related technology, data and exponential organizations.

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Faculty at Singularity University

Kent has spoken in Mountain View, Boise ID, China, Macau, India, Colombia, Peru, Canada, France, Mexico and across the United States to thousands of people from over 60 countries on the topics of startups, organizational disruption and innovation, data, data science, machine learning, blockchain, smart contracts, exponential technologies and future tech.

As an Faculty and alumnus at Singularity University where he teaches Data Science and Organizational Scalability. He is a sought after international speaker, teacher, mentor and advisor.

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Co-Chair of Global ExO Movement

Kent is the head of the Global ExO Movement working with Salim Ismail and his companies prosper in a fast changing world of exponential technology growth.

Kent actively coaches and advises companies around the world on HOW to apply cutting processes and technologies from within the framework of Exponential Organizations to tame the organizational immune system and create scalable systems from advancing technologies at scale.

Chief Science Officer, Fastrack Institute

Kent is the primary person accountable for the technology that helps the Fastrack Institute achieve its mission to Accelerate Technology Into Society. He is also the head architect of the Fastrack itself and the design of the Fastrack Institute organization.

Specialities, History and Links to More

Specialties: Big Data/Data Science, Exponential Technology Disruption, Data Analytics, Social Media, Distributed Systems, Cloud Native Applications, Cloud Computing, Technology Operations, Scalability, Technology Start Ups, Exponential Organizations.

  • Advisor to the Fastrack Institute. Solving human problems at urban scale through the application of exponential technologies.
  • Head of Global ExO Movement. Helping to grow the overall movement footprint globally.
  • CxO of ProductionScale, Inc. in 2012, A technology research and advisory firm.
  • Faculty at Singularity University teaching Data Science and Exponential Organizations
  • Parallel Entreprenuer
  • Founder/CEO/CTO of Ekho in 2012-1015, a Marketing Technology Data Science Company
  • Founder of nScaled in 2008-10, The pioneering company in cloud based Disaster Recovery as a Service. A successful exit.
  • Several others going WAY back...
  • Author of the blog The 41st Square
  • A recognized pioneer in Web Architecture, Technology Operations, Cloud Computing & Data
  • 20+ years of professional experience building technology companies
  • Public Social Media at LinkedIN and Twitter