ExOBytes Podcast Interviewee Guide

Thank you for consenting to join me on an ExOBytes Podcast!

ExOBytes is a short form interview style podcast inviting the smartest and most active people in the world that are involved with building exponential organizations. The show is produced to share knowledge with the greater community that is interested becoming more ExO.

Logistics & Timing

This will require a forty-five minute booking with your host, Kent Langley, on your calendar. You will receive an email from Amy, our meeting coordinator, to negotiate the time and once it is locked in you will receive a calendar invite and link to this page outlining the general structure of the recording session and ground rules.

General ground rules

  • Keep it clean. We don’t want to check the explicit box on iTunes please. We air aiming for a casual but professional business friendly tone.
  • Our goal is to provide genuine insights that will help the audience on their ExO journey. Anything that does that is fair game.
  • This is not an infomercial. Sincerity and quality is key.
  • The podcast will be in English.
  • You will receive a conference call invitation from Kent Langley along with your invitation. We use Uber Conference for recording.
  • You must find yourself a quiet location. Too much background noise makes it very unpleasant for the audience. 
  • You will require the use some form of headphones and a microphone (possibly built in). It doesn't have to be fancy. But, you cannot record well enough using a laptop and it causes feedback. Please prepare for this accordingly. This is generally true for either a computer connection or a telephone dial in connection.
  • You may call in by phone or by using your computer via VOIP to avoid long distance charges if applicable.
  • Please arrive to your call promptly, it's very much appreciated!

The Day of Recording

Please arrive promptly to the online meeting as you may not be the only interviewee scheduled that day. If you are late, your podcast will be rescheduled at a later date.

You may wish to have this page open while we record the podcast for reference.

The Hour of Recording

Minute -5 to 0

Please make sure you attempt to connect to the conference 1-2 minutes before it is scheduled to start. This will allow you to type in anything you need into the information fields, make sure the software is running, log out of other chat tools, etc.

Minute 0 to 2 - Setting up

Kent will welcome you and we will test the equipment, make sure everything is working well and clear up any quick questions. We will also quickly review the following outline of your interview so it is fresh in your mind.

Minute 3 to 5 - Introductions

  • Recording Begins.
  • Introduction and Greetings (˜3-5 minutes) – People will want to know who you are.
  • I will say a few words about you and your work (ExO and otherwise).
  • Then, the first question will follow.

Minutes 6 to 25 - The Core

Question 1 – Get Started

How did you first get involved in ExO? Imagine, what is it that drives you to get up and work hard to deliver the ExO Message, work on projects, etc.?

Question 2 – ExO on your Mind

You work with or think about ExO nearly every day. What's on your mind right now with regards to ExO?

Question 3 – Implementation Advice

For anyone listening that wants to implement ExO in their company, what is the #1 piece of advice you would share with them to be successful? For example, no matter what, don’t do this. Or, if you start with X then Y is Z% more likely. In my experience, people that do THIS have a much greater chance of success.

Question 4 – Universal Question

I ask this of every guest always. What, in your opinion is one lesson in business that has made the most difference in your success over time? This doesn’t have to be just Exponential Orgs related.

Minutes 25 to 30 – Wrap Up

  • Interviewee, Please tell the audience the best place where they can find you online.
  • Thank you for your time and sign us off the air.

Minutes 30 to 35 - FULL STOP!

  • Recording Stopped!

We've left a little wiggle room here w/ the calendar booking.

It is anticipated that this format will produce about ~25-30 minutes of airtime including any necessary fills. The final episode is intended to be between 25-30 minutes consistently.