Data-Driven Revolution

Data is a powerful driver of transformation and innovation for any organization. It is a strategic asset and has a unique combination of attributes that make it powerful. This talk is about Data Activation. It will inspire you to transform your organization's relationship to data. The knowledge you gain will help you put data to work for your organization. You will gain insights into data’s attributes, key processes, and technologies needed. Then, you will have the next steps you need to transform your organization using the power of data.

A few recent pieces of feedback about one of these talks:

"Thanks so much for receiving us last week. It was for sure one of the best talks we had during the entire week.” - Large Brazilian Company Executive

"I was one of the MBA group you talked to on Wednesday from Amsterdam. I was very grateful you shared your experience with us."

"thank you for your kind message and your inspiring presentation. Hope to come back next year and meet then again!"
"I joined your talk at the Singularity Univ (MBA student at Amsterdam Business School) and I found very interesting what you had to say about smart cities analytics."
"Thanks for your inspiring talk on big data yesterday to us Amsterdam MBA students. I especially liked your perspective on the analytics process."
"This week I attended your presentation for the Amsterdam MBA’s. I would love to receive your presentation. Is it possible to send it to me?"
"I really enjoyed your talk at singularity university yesterday. Could you be so kind as to share your slides? Food for thought."