Rightscale DB Crash Recovery

I love stories like this one.  I've been using RightScale off and on for a while now and can say that I've really enjoyed working with them and hope to to much more with them in the future.  In summary, RightScale continues to create a very nice set of management and administration tools for working with Amazon EC2.  There are a lot of tools out there for doing so but RightScale's are arguable some of the more complete and advanced for working with the Amazon Trifecta S3, SQS, and EC2.

Bascially, the story RightScale just posted to their blog about one of the Amazon EC2 clients running a mySQL DB that crashed is a story of a vendor delivering what they promise.  If only all vendors worked like this life would be much sweeter.

Rather than rewrite their blog entry here I'll just send you on your way to learn about how it is and what they did to help their client recover from their mySQL master DB failure.

Blog Entryhttp://info.rightscale.com/2007/8/23/surviving-a-mysql-master-db-crash