Mnesia and Erlang - A look Ahead

I recently wrote a little bit about the way the relational database model isn't holding up all that well in some cases.  Today I ran across a very exciting project called Mnesia.  I found this courtesy of an InfoQ1 article on the subject.

I've only just discovered it but I've been doing a good bit of playing around w/ Erlang in general.  This began for me while evaluating a load test packaged called Tsung2.  Erlang appears to have some very exciting potential in our new multi-core world.

Mnesia is, for all practical purposes, a distributed DBMS (notice I did not say RDBMS) that leverages the power of Erlang to create something very interesting.  My hope is that I get a chance to try this out with YAWS3 to write a test web application.

I still have a lot to learn about Erlang and all its related fun.  But, I'm very much looking forward to it and definitely think it's worth the time.


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