glusterFS on Amazon EC2

For a long time now I've been wanting to try out glusterFS on Amazon EC2.  gluserFS happens to be one of the more interesting distributed storage technologies out there cutting its teeth right now.  This is in a long list of things I would do if I got paid to sit around and to geeky things I just want to do.  Unfortunately, that's not the case right now.  So, luckily, someone else is hard at work over the last few months.

This discussion thread totally beat me to the punch!  Great!  It's a long thread spanning a long amount of time but it is worth the read.  Basically, to sum it up, glusterFS runs pretty good on AmazonEC2 and they are working on a translator for S3.  The translator is due w/ glusterFS 1.5.  It seems they are just getting going on 1.4 right now.

So, maybe when I get to doing some testing I'll post some results.  I would particularly like it if someone would make an EC2 AMI w/ glusterFS pre-configured.  That would be a good task.