EC2 Services Updates of note

Just saw this, exciting news.  But, it's still in Beta.  Booooo.... 

Dear Amazon EC2 Developers!

Effective today, October 16, 2007, we have released new EC2 Instance Types.

We have introduced a "Large" and an "Extra Large" instance type to complement the original instance type and provide more flexibility for EC2 users. The new instance types provide more memory, CPU, and instance storage, and are based on 64bit technology. EC2 users can now utilize these different instance sizes to support an even broader set of applications and use cases.

The Large Instance is equivalent to roughly four Small Instances (our original instance), and the Extra Large Instance is roughly equivalent to eight Small instances.

Note that the new name for the original instance is now "Small Instance". The price for this instance is unchanged at $0.10 per instance-hour (or partial hour consumed), but it will show up on your bill as a "Small Instance" from now on. The Small Instance is the same as the original instance in terms of technical specifications.

This change will not impact any applications or instances you are currently running either technically or from a pricing perspective. By default you will continue to launch Small Instances. If you’d like to take advantage of the new instance types at their corresponding prices, please review the feature guide and our technical documentation.

Please visit the following pages for more information:

Multiple instance types has been a popular request from the community that we’re very happy to address with this release. Please let us know what you think!

In addition, we’re also announcing today that the EC2 beta, which previously limited the number of new registrants, is now open to all developers.


The Amazon EC2 Team