Capistrano 2.1.0 Released

Today I updated several of my deployments to capistrano 2.1.0.  This is a great piece of software.  I primarily use it for deployment of complicated PHP Applications and some systems administration tasks.  It's a huge time saver and the latest versions are really nice.  The one command, "cap deploy:rollback" is worth it all.  Here's the thread with announcement and feature run down:

Here is the default commands output from a fresh application capify for built in commands:

> cap -Tv 

cap deploy                         # Deploys your project.
cap deploy:check               # Test deployment dependencies.
cap deploy:cleanup            # Clean up old releases.
cap deploy:cold                 # Deploys and starts a `cold' application.
cap deploy:finalize_update # [internal] Touches up the released code.
cap deploy:migrate            # Run the migrate rake task.
cap deploy:migrations      # Deploy and run pending migrations.
cap deploy:pending         # Displays the commits since your last deploy.
cap deploy:pending:diff    # Displays the `diff' since your last deploy.
cap deploy:restart         # Restarts your application.
cap deploy:rollback        # Rolls back to a previous version and restarts.
cap deploy:rollback_code   # Rolls back to the previously deployed version.
cap deploy:setup           # Prepares one or more servers for deployment.
cap deploy:start           # Start the application servers.
cap deploy:stop            # Stop the application servers.
cap deploy:symlink         # Updates the symlink to the most recently deploye...
cap deploy:update          # Copies your project and updates the symlink.
cap deploy:update_code     # Copies your project to the remote servers.
cap deploy:upload          # Copy files to the currently deployed version.
cap deploy:web:disable     # Present a maintenance page to visitors.
cap deploy:web:enable      # Makes the application web-accessible again.
cap invoke                 # Invoke a single command on the remote servers.
cap shell                  # Begin an interactive Capistrano session.

Capistrano takes a little getting used to for some but once you go there, you'll not likely want to go back.  It's a great tool and I'm very thankful for the work the Jamis Buck has done on this project.

Like I said, I use this mostly for PHP projects lately, but if you are doing any Rails work you'd be nuts not to be using capistrano in one form or another. 


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