Powerfully Creating OpenAI, the Company

This is an excerpt from an article posted on The 41st Square.

OpenAI is something to keep an eye on and already teaching a powerful way to create and staff a company in a hyper competitive environment.
This mission is helping attract and retain desirable talent. One recount states that 9 of 10 researchers that were offered positions at OpenAI accepted and turned down excessively lucrative counter offers from their existing employers. It appears they did this because of the mission. Not because of the money.

Singularity University Exponential Data Talk

Yesterday I had the honor to present at Singularity University's Mountain View campus to speak about Data, Data Science and Big Data. I spoke to and met many of the 100 participants of the Executive Program. People come from all over the world for this program.

I had a great time sharing my Exponential Data presentation. Afterwards we had lunch and many excellent conversations!

Stephanie from http://www.thechrysalissolution.com/ was awesome as always and produced this lovely illustration from my talk.

Singularity University Executive Program - Exponential Data Lecture Illustration

Singularity University Executive Program - Exponential Data Lecture Illustration

My May 2016 lecture on big data and data science at the May 2016 Singularity University executive program.

The Exponential Data talk is my take on the nature of data, its impact on organizations and the people within them. All companies are data companies and need the processes and technologies to adapt. The Data Science Operations framework presented within the talk will help any company begin the process of deriving meaningful insights from data.

This lecture included:

  • Information on the nature of data itself and several key attributes that make data special
  • My framework that describes how to integrate and operate with data in your organization
  • Several real world examples of using data to save lives, heal the planet and generate immense economic value

With the right data, processes and technologies companies can create immense leverage for people. Data is power.

Exponential Data Implementation Framework

Exponential Data Implementation Framework