How Far Does the Addressable Cloud Reach?

I was recently impressed by this entry on wikipedia about Voyager 1. It said, “Operating for 34 years, 6 months and 30 days as of today, the spacecraft receives routine commands and transmits data back.” (source link). This too is part of the cloud now. Our cloud now reaches out approximate 1.8×1010 km away from wherever you happen to be sitting right now beyond our own solar system and into the heliosheath. Courtesy of the Voyager 1 mission and some rather forward thinking scientists we have vastly expanded the human cloud of information and data in at least this important way.

The B612 Foundation is working to put satellites in orbit around the sun, there is already an interplanetary internet between earth, moon, and mars.

Via networks of micro satellites and drones (which we already have technically) we will have real time high definition video anywhere on earth at the push of a button. You can already, for a modest price relatively speaking, put your own micro satellite in orbit. All of these devices are connected or will be connected to the cloud.

The cloud does not just exist in a data center somewhere. It’s in your pocket. It’s on your TV. It’s in space. DARPA is working on a mobile smart-phone based private cloud.

The cloud is not Facebook, Apple, Amazon or Google. Those companies are major influencers in the cloud of course and brilliant in so many ways. But, they are just the beginning.

It’s cloud all the way to the edge and the edge boundary is expanding very quickly.