140+ v2013.05.15

The field of Deep Learning has something that just rings true. http://bit.ly/139i756 very exciting field.

Deep Learning is a truly exciting area in the field of computer science and mathematics. I was initially brought into this way of thinking when I ran into a number of Jeff Hawkin's lectures on YouTube then purchased and read the book "On Intelligence" by Hawkins. Since I've been learning and exploring various iterations of the concept of deep learning as embodied in projects like Google Now, IBM, and many others. I think the possibilities are nearly endless with this technology. 

The inevitable question of human level AI always comes up when discussing deep learning but, in fact, I have little desire at the moment for a robot best friend with or without benefits. But, what I would like to see is human augmentation beyond what we have already today.

"Traditional IT Department No Longer Tenable" How #CloudComputing Changes Enterprise IT Economics http://bit.ly/13kmsG3 

I started blogging about Cloud Computing right here on this blog in 2007/8. My first posts were looking around to see what people wanted and were trying to do and teasing out what seems obvious now, the differences between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Shortly after, I started a company called nScaled to actually build and use clouds. In the interim I've helped dozens of companies build private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and lots more.

This particular tweet caught my attention because, having done all that and then seeing this particular post I just thought that what's not tenable is IT as an island. IT is simply part of any business now. It's deeply integrated and one way or another, it's all about the cloud no matter which type you want to build. If you don't go that way, your business will not be able to compete.

Google I/O 2013 Extended - en la Universidad de Lima :)http://fb.me/RJEuL72H 

I just spent a month in Lima, Peru living with my family and working. While there I had the great opportunity to meet many local entrepreneurs and even visit one of the coolest startup incubators in South America called Wayra Peru which is funded by Telefonica. Things are moving fast and growing quickly in the tropical zone and I am super-excited by what I found while I was there. 

Analysts Report that Cloud-Based Adoption Increased 40 Percent this Year for Supply Chain Software http://bit.ly/13kmnlO 

This one just goes to show you how deep it's getting in cloud computing. These are died in the wool you gotta have it and tied into the heart of the value chain for big manufacturing companies adopting cloud computing solutions at dizzying rates. How cool is that? To all those cloud haters from way back in 2007. I poke you in the eye today. There is no going back now.

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