Brick and Mortal Retail Doomed, Doomed I Say

Not my usual blog topic, but hey, it’s Friday and I had a brutal week.  But, I just had to relay a retail experience I had a week or so ago.  I went into a local hardware store.  It’s a pretty good one but I’ve always thought they were a bit pricey.  But, I needed a new vanity mirror and I needed it now.  On the display they had one I immediately liked and was willing to pay the premium.  Once I found a salesperson I actually started w/ a question about some sconce lights I liked all so.  He looks at me.  Looks me up and down and says, “your not going to like it.”  I said, “hit me.”  He did, I didn’t.  Whatever.  Bad start for sure.  In any event, I say, I’d like to get this mirror you have over here on the wall.  I took him to it, I said I’d like one of these please.  Here are the two things he said to me:

1. We don’t have those in stock.
2. But, I bought one and it’s still in the box at home.  Want to make me an offer I might sell it.

Ohhhhkay... I said, alright, I think I’ll stick to the store here.  How long to get one.... Turns out it’s 7-10 business days.  Keep in mind this is a premium price.  Apparently there are six with their nearby suppliers.  At this point I had already snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to my wife for approval.  She says... LOVE IT... in response.  So, I take the product #.  I tap it into a google search.  I find it on from an affiliate for 30% less, 5-7 days delivered, and a bit of tax.  Net savings over store of around 20%.  I decide to just show they guy and I said the following things:

1. I’d prefer to buy local. Can you sell it to me for this price and get it here in about the same time frame.
2. I can just order it from here an it’ll come to my doorstep by pushing this buy button now.

The response floored me.  No.  He mentioned the one he had at home again.  I said okay.  I hit the buy button and went home.

Here’s the crazy part.  This is an employee owned store!

I’ve tested the I’d like to buy this at several other stores recently.  Most of them simply have NO stock.  They are just display stores. You cannot buy what they have and go home w/ it.

Astounding.  Physical retail has absolutely no chance with me using this kind of approach.  I’ll just order from home.  Shame, I wanted to buy local.  Either way mirror will be here in a couple of days along w/ the sconce lights, towel rack, and TP holder to match.  *sigh*