Welcome VGBuilder to the world!

Build custom apps + deploy them to your cloud host of choice -- straight from the command line.

The first applications using VGBuilder are live already and there are more in works.

This Cloud Native Application Development toolset was created out of a genuine need for a big project about a year ago that needed to move very fast.  There were no tools that we felt really met our needs at the time so we created our own.  That’s a story that will be told soon in more detail I expect.

I consider VGBuilder a Cloud Native Application development tool set.  It does not meet all my requirements  as you’ll note if you read the above article.  But, in time it will I believe.

To understand some of my thinking that went into VGBuilder it helps to read these articles:

Cloud Native Applications

I wouldn't claim necessarily that VGBuilder is revolutionary but it certainly is evolutionary.  One of the more powerful aspects of this toolset is that it removes the need for any middle man or centralized platform to get your ideas from your brain and into the cloud crazy fast and with quite a bit of style.  It allows you to build and deploy your applications in the cloud with almost no barriers.  It removes the need for PaaS services for many people right from the start.

Essentially your laptop or computer becomes your private cloud and either Amazon or Rackspace (supported today out of the box) becomes your public cloud. This is essentially a hybrid cloud model that puts all the power in the developers hands and automates almost everything that is often tedious or cumbersome otherwise.

Things are still rough around the edges.  As much as anything I want to guage interest and get feedback on this new set of tools.  There is a long way to go but preliminary case studies have been excellent.  

Please contact me or sign up on the early access web page for if you’d like to be kept informed of the progress and provided access to use the tools for your own projects as it is opened it up to more early adopters.