ProductionScale Communication Problem Discovery

I discovered today a distressing thing about my blog.  For the last few months two things have been misconfigured.

One, my phone number was an old number that is out of service.  So, if you tried to call me then please just note the new number on the about page and try again.

Two, my contact submission form was going to an email address that was Supposed to forward the mails but has not being properly performing its duty.  I have fixed this issue and gone back through and replied to all the emails that were legitimate.

My sincere apologies for those communications issues and if you have tried to reach me through this blog and I did not respond, that is likely why.  I always respond to legitimate requests for information, work, or engaging discourse.  So, please send me a new note and don't hesitate to reach out!  I thoroughly enjoyed the connections I've made over the years from this blog and hate to think I let it lapse for a bit!


Kent Langley