How NOT to Sell NoSQL Database

This is the description of my first experience with a newer NoSQL database that we'll just call NoSQL Database #9999 I was told about and asked what I thought about it overall.  I hadn't heard of it before but I wanted to see what the deal was since I work with several others.  I'm always up to see if something is actually the new hotness.

I found marketecture diagrams everywhere.  The development cycle is closed and opaque development for server and client.  There is a 30 day "free trial" signup wall to maybe get to the download screen.  I'm not sure since I didn't fill it out and I really don't feel like spending my time navigating a sales channel for filling it out. The License agreement was really fun.  The short version is that it is a non-exclusive licensing model and no ability to use/test in production to see if it really works.  The choice parts basically say that I can't use the software in production and that says that if it doesn't work that's not our problem and we never said it would.  There is actually a warranty clause that says they don't warranty anything at all it's is just "as-is" without warranty!  I am not feeling the love at this point.  Then, I wanted to see the pricing.  I couldn't of course.  The minimum contract term beyond 1st 30 days is 12mos with, you guessed it, unspecified pricing information unless I contact sales directly.

So, now I know why I've never heard of this software and nothing meaningful has been written about that is not PR or Marketing driven.  There is really no way that I would even consider adopting this software at this point.  It's most likely that it is not real.  

So, NoSQL database #9999 there are many other equally usable solutions that are far more transparent in the way they do business and foster community around their products.  This isn't about paying money.  This is about trust.  So, sorry NoSQL #9999, but I'll not be entering your sales cycle in this fashion or evaluating your product at this time.  Moving along now...  

Happy Wednesday Everyone!