What's Next?

I've been at nScaled for a few years.  It's been amazing.  However, starting today I'm moving on from the day to day operations there.  The company is doing very well and I'm happy to have been part of that growth.  But, it started as a cloud computing consulting company helping clients move their applications and sites to the cloud.  It became a quickly growing IaaS cloud company leveraging cloud business and technology models to provide effective disaster recovery and business continuity to our clients.  nScaled has grown substatially and it will keep doing so I'm sure.  I will continue to be involved but at a different level than the day to day heads down that I've been doing for some time now.  I'm quite bullish on what nScaled will achieve.

With that I expect I will have the time to blog again which is nice as I enjoy writing articles on this site.  Additionally, I'll be looking for great projects to work on, companies to work with, and people to get to know.  If you are building clouds, migrating to cloud or working to understand  how cloud might affect you then I can most certainly help with that.  My focus is primarily on the scalability of web applications and technology organizations.  Drop me a note if you'd like to chat.