re: Do Private Clouds Make Sense?

Quoting myself, I posted the following to the infosysblogs article, "You gonna buy a house, or rent one?"

It's an article about some of the issues around private cloud computing feasibility more or less.  My thoughts were:

I thought this was an interesting article and the numbers you show are mostly inline with my own research in my endeavor to provide enterprise cloud computing services as a hybrid private community cloud.

I've also been writing some of my thinking about these same issues at my own blog,

In general, I think that there is beginning to be some maturity and consensus as to the various cloud deployment models with the work of NIST, Jericho, and others.

Also, the realization for most that cloud computing is not a specific technology. It is much more an operational and architectural model emerging into broader use and understanding from many years of great work in various fields of computer science.

In my opinion, private clouds of different types make great sense. In particular when you consider security, compliance, and transparency issues related to enterprise utilization of such things.