VPN-Cubed Updated Offerings

Cohesive FT has launched an updated version of their VPN-Cubed tools w/ devpay enabled AMI's for use in one or all EC2 availability zones. Which version you choose will be dictated by your needs for test vs. prod and geographic redundancy.

The press releases and such were okay. But, the real info is in the PDF you find a little deeper in the site.


I won't go into all that here of course, it's quite a long document. However, one important thing to realize is that essentially, a VPN-Cubed AMI is analogous to a software router/switch/VPN aggreggator combo device. This adds some very interesting possibilities to deployment in hybrid cloud deployments or all EC2 deployments. It's well worth the time to get to know this technology. I have no doubt I'll be writing more about this over time.

Congratulations to CohesiveFT on making such rapid and important progress on the Cloud security front!