Announcing: The Business Continuity Cloud

As you all probably know, I've started a new company. That company, nScaled, has been doing cloud computing migrations, strategic consulting, and professional services for a few months now. From the start we've had product aspirations in addition to providing professional services. So, it is without too much fanfaire or sleep, that I wanted to let everyone know that we've launched our first product, the nScaled Business Continuity Cloud with an initial focus on the legal market. The response has been excellent thus far and we're very excited about the possibilities as we expand the solution.

The product is in a closed beta right now and will stay that way for a while. Security, SLA's, and Quality are absolutely paramount so we're moving forward very purposefully and pragmatically. As much as I might want, I can't really tell you many details yet until we're a bit further along. But, I hope and expect to be able to share more in time.

Companies spend a fortune on disaster recovery and business continuity each year. Our research shows that the top 250 legal industry firms alone spend approximately $260 million per year on disaster recovery. That infrastructure is mostly under utilized and very expensive. With the technologies we have deployed we are able to provide excellent disaster recovery and business continuity services at a very competitive price. Through the application of Cloud Computing architectures and tools we are bringing this service to market to make it easier, cheaper, and more attractive to provide business continuity and disaster coverage at a far superior price than has been possible before.

If you have any questions please contact me directly.

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