Excellent RailsEnvy List in Ep.101

RailsEnvy Episode #101

The list of links from this podcast episode was particularly intriguing for me this week.

Of particular interest to me is:

TorqueBox - JRuby backed Rails application platform (and more) build on JBoss AS.  Very intriguing and I'll be experimenting right away with this for an application I've just pushed out into production.

ShardTheLove - An Active Record horizontal sharding solution with build in support for migrations, testing, and more.  I will also be evaluating this for inclusion into a new application I am just launching.

Jammit - A static asset packing solution for Rails applications. Finding a good solution for this can sometimes be challenging.  However, doing it in any modern web application is pretty much mandatory.  I look forward to testing this library.

Great stuff and worth a look if your pumping out Rails applications that you want to be scalable on-demand.