Drupal: Billions of Page Views per Month

I am in fact still here.  I have just been  busy having started a new job recently.  One of the more interesting projects I've been working on lately is actually a Drupal 6.2 project.

As a Scale Consultant on of my first new projects was working w/ a client to scale and test their Drupal installation to being capable of well over 2 BILLION page views per month!  Well over... That's been quite fun.

In the spirit of sharing.  I put the info up on the wiki at Joyent.


There's a nice diagram at the end that yours truly made.  Here's a smaller version.


I have some other really neat projects I've been working on in a new program I'm running called Joyent Labs.  This is probably by far where I get to have the most fun during the week.  In running the labs I'm essentially getting to work with some really cutting edge cloud computing companies, CMS developers, business partners, and much more.  I've got some great things brewing in the labs and I can't wait to unleash the creations!

I have several articles on the back burner for here that I've been working on a while as well.  Now that think I'm settling into my new groove a bit more I should be able to get back to blogging more consistently.  I miss it!

So, that's where I've been.  Sadly, not on vacation, but having fun none the less.