Off Topic: Special Request Cocktail (from my wife) Lychee Martini

I ordered a decidedly non-masculine drink at a Thai restaurant a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I did it.  I did a shot of vodka when I got home to make up for the transgression.  The drink was a Lychee martini.  I thought it was okay.  But, my wife really liked it!  So, good find!  Therefore, recreation en la casa was in order.  I have dubbed it:


1.5 oz Good Vodka of your choice
1.0 oz Triple Sec
1.0 oz Lychee Syrup (from a Can of Lychee!)
1 Lychee (from a Can of Lychee!)
Some Ice
A Martini Shaker w/ a strainer of some kind
Some Shakenating (you know... Shake the thing up man!  No stirring)

That's what's in it. If you don't know what do to with the ingredients to turn it INTO a martini, I'm sorry.  You have research to do.

This is a good drink that could displace the Cosmo on the Martini's girls will order, drink, and by default.... get drunk!  I might need to make it pink or something though.  Anyway I am testing this on my wife now.

(15 minute elapsed...)

IT's a WIN!   Sweet.