MySQL Proxy Information from London Meetup Group

There was an interesting post on Ivan Zoratti's Blog of the things discussed at a MySQL Meetup group in London.  I was just in London!  Would have been awesome to be there as it looks like it was a great session.

The primary focus of the group discussion seems to have been MySQL Proxy which is excellent because that is a very exciting project that is currently in Alpha.  According to MySQL the software is not yet production ready but the most recent versions were a significant rework of the proxy mechanisms.  So, if you used it before 0.6.x and discounted it you might want to rethink and try again.

In summary, the group analyzed a number of the ways that MySQL Proxy might be used effectively and discussed some of the issues surrounding it's use.  The list is as follows:

  • Flexible authentication and dynamic server connections
  • Proxy Failover
  • DB Server Failover
  • Replication Balancing
  • Sharding Balancing
  • Proxy Hints
  • Query Logging and Profiling
  • Query Caching 

I am actively investigating integrating this into some projects at work to enable a variety of functionality that is otherwise difficult to implement.  It made me happy to know that it's getting serious consideration by many people around the globe.  This encourages me to take is more seriously and invest more efforts and resources.

An interesting tidbit from the wiki says, "... MySQL Enterprise will include several products based on the MySQL Proxy core technology. More information coming soon."  We shall see.

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