Exabytes, Gigabytes, Google Calc, and on with2008!

I saw a post on Slashdot today with this title, "27 Billion Gigabytes to be Archived by 2010."  Since that is otherwise known as 27 Exabytes I wanted to check it with Google Calculator.  I use Google's built in calculator functions a lot.  Oddly enough, it didn't seem to know how to convert a Gigabyte to an Exabyte.

Search string:

27 billion GB to PB


27 billion gigabytes = 25 749.2065 petabytes

 Search String:

27 billion GB to EB


Did you mean: 27 billion GB to BE


A little tangential to my usual postings and not exactly mind blowing for a first post of 2008.  But, I've been really busy with work and thought I'd kick off 2008 on a lighter note this year.

I've been working on some interesting articles and hope to post good things here more regularly in 2008.
Happy New Year!