Book Recommendation: Release It!

I am a few pages away from finishing the book Release It! by Michael Nygard.  I honestly can't really say enough to recommend this book to anyone who actually does care about creating web applications that work well and fulfill their purpose.  The book is a bit Java centric but that is not an issue.  The concepts, examples, and stories that often made me laugh remembering similar situations just lay it all out there.  The patterns/anti-patterns idea is an interesting way to organize and present the ideas that works well.  Most of all, this is a well written and readable yet technical book.  A well written book is a breath of fresh air and I see it often when reading the books in the Pragmatic Programmers line of products.

Again, I can't recommend this book enough for anyone responsible for all or part of building a software application.  I think this is especially true of people in a position of technical leadership and decision making.