Capistrano GUI Deployment Love: Webistrano 1.1 Coming

I am looking forward to the next iteration of Webistrano 1.1.  The author says he will release 1.1 for public consumption shortly after the end of the RailsConf Europe conference.  The conference is over.  I wait...

What in the world is that do with scalability?  Once you actually scale out, deployment and management of all those servers can become cumbersome and complicated in many cases.  Capistrano has made my life easier with it's deployment and remote execution capabilities.  Webistrano promises to help me extend that ease to the non-CLI inclined users who might be able to help w/ multi-stage deployment work flow in some cases.

The author of the tool lists the following improvements in Webistrano 1.1:

  • tie recipes not to projects but to stages
  • 1.1 will interpolate strings in Capistrano variables correctly so that you can refer to other variables inside configuration entries
  • more recent versions of needle/net-ssh
  • the UI got some love

I've been testing with the 1.0 version and I've really enjoyed it so far.  But, I must say that I am excited to see the UI changes that look very nice on the screen shots.