Kent is a serial entrepreneur, investor, international speaker, and experienced technology executive. He is a hands-on leader and technology visionary with extensive business experience and deep technology background. Kent's Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) is to Apply Technology for Humanity on projects that educate, feed, clothe people. He is co-Founder of The Fastrack Foundation, faculty at Singularity University teaching Data Science and Exponential Organizations, and Chief Science and Technology Officer of the Fastrack Institute.

Some Current Activities

Faculty at Singularity University

Kent has spoken in Mountain View, Boise ID, China, Macau, India, Colombia, Peru, Canada, France, Mexico and across the United States to thousands of people from over 60 countries on the topics of startups, organizational disruption and innovation, data, data science, machine learning, blockchain, smart contracts, exponential technologies and future tech.

As an Faculty and alumnus at Singularity University where he teaches Data Science and Organizational Scalability. He is a sought after international speaker, teacher, mentor and advisor.

Co-HEAd of Global ExO Movement

Kent is the head of the Global ExO Movement working with Salim Ismail and his companies prosper in a fast changing world of exponential technology growth.

Kent actively coaches and advises companies around the world on HOW to apply cutting processes and technologies from within the framework of Exponential Organizations to tame the organizational immune system and create scalable systems from advancing technologies at scale.


ExO Master Course Lead Instructor

Curated and managed by the Gazelle's Institute, the ExO Master course is taught by Kent Langley and Salim Ismail several times a per year. It is a hybrid instructional video and live instructor led training course where the students learn all about Exponential Organizations and have the opportunity over the duration of the course to experiment and engage in dialog with Kent, Salim, and their fellow students.

“I would first of all like to thank you for this awesome course. It’s definitely one of the most insightful, mind-blowing and at the same time practically oriented courses I’ve ever attended. You guys have nailed it. “
— Xavier regarding the ExO Master Course Feb/Mar 2017

Chief Science Officer, Fastrack Institute

Kent is the primary person accountable for the technology that helps the Fastrack Institute achieve its mission to Accelerate Technology Into Society. He is also the head architect of the Fastrack itself and the design of the Fastrack Institute organization.

Media and Publications